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25 November 2015


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Sydney teacher Jacqui Paley receiving an award in recognition of her outstanding teaching

Higher Pay for Australian Teachers

A report in The Australian says that Australian teachers are the highest paid in the OECD, followed by England, Germany and South Korea.  Australian teachers spend more time in front of their class than their counterparts in other countries, while students spend less time learning literacy and numeracy in Australia than some other OECD countries...Read more

The Changing Preferences of Sport in Young Australians

According to a Roy Morgan Young Australians survey, over the last 12 months,  soccer has overtaken swimming as the most popular sporting activity among Australian children, with one in two aged 6-13 now playing soccer. In June 2014, 50% of or 1,213,000 children reported going swimming, ahead of 47% (1,136,000) who said they played soccer. Since then, soccer has gained an extra 108,000 young players, to hit a 50% participation rate (1,244,000); while swimming participation has fallen by 32,000 kids and now sits at 48%.

While more Aussie kids are also taking part in athletics, cricket, netball and Australian Rules football than they were 12 months ago, the increases for these sports are negligible when compared with the boom in soccer participation.

Opportunities for Creative Students - University of Arts London, Coming to Sydney

UAL, the largest arts university in Europe and one of the leading arts and fashion institutes in the world, is coming to Sydney in February 2016 to conduct school visits, give free presentations and workshops, and conduct face to face interviews.

Students have the chance to get on the spot decisions to study at UAL for September 2016 entry.

 Read more

Opportunities for Exchange Teaching  for a Year - applications now open for 2017

Fancy living in a overseas for a year and soaking up the adventures?  If you are a teacher with the NSW Department of Education you should check out the  the opportunity to enhance your teaching career by going on a teaching exchange.  Countries for teaching exchange include Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, USA...  Read more

Mount Stromlo High School students spent much of October playing computer game

However, rather than the games being a distraction, the students have been working on their literacy, numeracy and scientific knowledge. Those efforts have paid off. Mount Stromlo has been named the top Australian school for years 8, 9 and 10 at the World Education Games... Read more

Is the Grass Greener?

1 in 17 secondary teachers in Australian schools is from the UK.

They go to Australia to discover socially competent students, more pay, less emphasis on collecting meaningless data and the joys of long service leave.... Read More

Study Reveals that Kids Eat More Junk Food because of TV advertising

A study by Jennifer A. Emond PhD and her colleagues from Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, USA reported in The Journal of Pediatrics shows that the more the frequently a child views child directed fast food TV ads, often involving a toy, the more likely the family visited the fast food restaurant that was featured in the advertising. These findings also show that children’s food preferences may be partially shaped by a desire for the toys featured in TV ads.

“For now,” notes Dr. Emond, “our best advice to parents is to switch their child to commercial-free TV programming to help avoid pestering for foods seen in commercials.”

Mars On The Horizon - RIAUS

To help fuel and inform the STEM and space conversations that will no doubt be happening around the movie, The Martian by Andy Weir. A great story that has just been released as a blockbuster movie.


RiAus has created clips on the science behind the movie. You could use these clips in the classroom to explore the idea of leaving Earth for another planet, the extensive STEM content and get to know some space experts; hear from the author, an astronaut, space archaeologist, space and planetary scientist and visual effects producer. Take a look at the video from RiAus.

New  Australian Curriculum Website version 8.0

Over the past 12 months, ACARA has reviewed and revised the F–10 curriculum and the way it is presented on the Australian Curriculum website. The updated website includes the improved Australian Curriculum endorsed by the Education Council on 18 September 2015. All learning areas and subjects that were previously listed on the Australian Curriculum as ‘available for use, subject to endorsement’ are now endorsed.

The previous version (version 7.5) of the Australian Curriculum will continue to be available until the end of 2016 to allow for a transition period. The homepage of the Australian Curriculum website will allow users to choose which version they wish to access....Visit the site

Living life like a dyslexic -


When Sir Richard Branson received a letter from a young girl called Isley Hermansen about her campaign to tackle dyslexia it struck a chord.  Read More on  ... - this is the video shared around the world #likeadyslexic

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