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12 May 2016

Sydney teacher Jacqui Paley receiving an award in recognition of her outstanding teaching

Is recognition or merit pay more important to you ?
Tell us what you think.

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New Exciting Literacy Programs for schools

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has developed a program  for Australian authors to promote Australian literature in schools, through it's Reading Australia BookPros (RA BookPros).

It provides an opportunity for authors to conduct writing workshops in the classroom and to introduce teachers to a new, free teaching resource: Reading Australia.



Students will benefit from access to a professional author and workshops are aimed at developing thinking, literacy and writing skills of students and at boosting enthusiasm for writing. ASA’s authors can help students plan their writing, dive into the action, build characters we care about, set pace, structure their writing and edit their writing. Authors can offer guidance on narrative writing (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, drama, illustration, graphic stories and more.


How it Works

Book an author to conduct a one-off workshop or to visit your school over a series of weeks. Authors are available for all primary and secondary age groups. Authors are able to tailor the workshops to the needs of students, the school and the curriculum, in consultation with the classroom teacher.  For teachers, the workshops are an opportunity for professional development through in-class modelling and the exchange of ideas.  Visit the ASA website for more information or use the booking form

Launch of  Five from Five Literary Program


Dr jennifer Buckingham, researcher and program manager speaks about the need to teach reading effectively in every classroom, every day with the new Five from Five Literary Program.

To join connect with the Five from Five Literacy Program do so: or


Living life like a dyslexic -


When Sir Richard Branson received a letter from a young girl called Isley Hermansen about her campaign to tackle dyslexia it struck a chord.  Read More on  ... - this is the video shared around the world #likeadyslexic


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