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Over One Third of Teachers not teaching the subjects they were trained in

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) report shows that for teachers who completed training in the subjects they now teach, almost 38 per cent reported that their training did not address subject content knowledge, while 36 per cent reported that their training did not address pedagogical content knowledge.

The report shows that between five per cent and eight per cent of teachers are teaching out of field.

From Caterpillars into Butterflies, Trop JR Finalists transform and take flight


The young Spielbergs of Australia have truly let their imaginations take flight for this year’s Trop Jr, if the 15 finalist films are anything to go b. Pirates, superheroes, soldiers, circus performers, musicians and robbers will take centre stage on the big screen when Trop Jr hits Sydney on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

The TSI (Trop Jr Signature Item) for this, the eighth installment of Trop Jr, is “FLY”, leading to some highly original and creative interpretations ranging from cranky seagulls to kites caught in trees, soaring superheroes and flyaway packages.

Trop Jr is the world’s largest short film festival for kids, by kids, and will screen live outdoors on the big screen to hundreds of fans at Sydney’s Centennial Park. The free event is a unique opportunity for the young filmmakers to launch budding careers in front of a huge crowd, proving without doubt that age should never be a barrier to success

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Interview with award winning teacher, Lisa Carrie

"I feel like a natural motivator for me was the feeling of accomplishment I experienced when I won the Office Max award. ·I felt like I was meeting the challenges of the job. Regardless of where you live, as an educator, you must stay focused on why you entered into the profession. ·Our students depend on us to guide them towards a path of lifelong learning."

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