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While you have been enjoying the holidays, I took some time to review new books and resources. One of the great resources we've come across is from Apple -  iTunesU. If you are like me, you hadn't thought to look at it, even though you've seen the logo - do think again. I've discovered a mine of information that is useful for teachers and students and most of it's free. Amazing, yes, free. Teachers, lecturers, or anyone wanting to share with others can make a course. I am particularly interested in medieval history and found a good course under the Australian Curriculum section, but the topics seem to be endless and for all learning stages from primary though to high school. More on this later as I continue reviewing....


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12 February 2016

Sydney teacher Jacqui Paley receiving an award in recognition of her outstanding teaching

Is recognition or merit pay more important to you ?
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Making a Difference in Indigenous Education -
The Shalom Garamarda Scholarship Program

The Shalom Gamarada Scholarship Program was established to make a contribution to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through higher education and by increasing the number of Indigenous professionals. The program is now making an identifiable impact...Read More

Transitions - Preparing for Primary, High School and Further Education

Help your child transition from to primary school, to high school and from high school to adult life. Three new articles in the Featured Articles section and Finishing School, Gap Years and Careers Section.

Swimming is the most common sporting activity in Australia,

Swimming is the most common sporting activity in Australia, with around 1 in 2 kids and 1 in 10 adults regularly taking the plunge, the latest National Sports Participation report from Roy Morgan Research shows.  Combining data for the year to December 2014 from the Single Source survey of Australians aged 14+ and the Young Australians survey of kids aged 6-13 shows that overall 1 in 7 Australians regularly go swimming (14.4%), while nearly 1 in 9 go cycling (10.8%) and 1 in 12 play soccer (8.2%).


Just under half of kids 6-13 regularly go swimming (48.8%) or play soccer (48.7%), followed in popularity by cycling (37.7%), athletics/track & field (31.7%), basketball (30.5%) and dancing (30.3%). Just over 1 in 4 kids play cricket regularly (25.7%) and around 1 in 5 play netball (20.5%) or tennis (20.0%).

Gymnastics (18.1%) and Australian Rules football (17.9%) come in at 10th and 11th most popular, with 12th and below all with participation rates under 10% of kids: Hiking/Bushwalking (9.5%), Rugby League (9.3%), softball (8.9%), martial arts (8.8%), volleyball (7.7%), baseball (6.7%) and field hockey (5.9%), with around 1 in 20 kids regularly going off roller-blading/skating (5.2%) or horse-riding (4.9%).

Opportunities for Creative Students - University of Arts London, Coming to Sydney

UAL, the largest arts university in Europe and one of the leading arts and fashion institutes in the world, is coming to Sydney in February 2016 to conduct school visits, give free presentations and workshops, and conduct face to face interviews.

Students have the chance to get on the spot decisions to study at UAL for September 2016 entry.

 Read more

Opportunities for Exchange Teaching  for a Year - applications now open for 2017

Fancy living in a overseas for a year and soaking up the adventures?  If you are a teacher with the NSW Department of Education you should check out the  the opportunity to enhance your teaching career by going on a teaching exchange.  Countries for teaching exchange include Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, USA...  Read more

Mars On The Horizon - RIAUS

To help fuel and inform the STEM and space conversations that will no doubt be happening around the movie, The Martian by Andy Weir. A great story that has just been released as a blockbuster movie.


RiAus has created clips on the science behind the movie. You could use these clips in the classroom to explore the idea of leaving Earth for another planet, the extensive STEM content and get to know some space experts; hear from the author, an astronaut, space archaeologist, space and planetary scientist and visual effects producer. Take a look at the video from RiAus.

Living life like a dyslexic -


When Sir Richard Branson received a letter from a young girl called Isley Hermansen about her campaign to tackle dyslexia it struck a chord.  Read More on  ... - this is the video shared around the world #likeadyslexic


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