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31 July 2015

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Fundraising for an Environmental Cause for Schools

A group of environmentalists, scientists and leaders, from various countries and continents around the world have spent our lives working to protect nature and the environment on the planet. They  are deeply concerned by the inability of existing actions and organizations to halt the sharp decline in global biodiversity.  Their goal is to significantly broaden international participation in protecting lands located in the most precious biodiversity hot spots on earth.   TIME,  launched an internet tool that will enable every person on this planet to personally participate in conservation action by purchasing land in biodiversity hot spots. TIME offers several innovative concepts, including a low membership fee (minimum 1 Euro); a right to vote on where the money will be invested, enabling each member to be part of a democratic conservation movement; an assurance that 100% of membership money will actually be allocated for land purchasing (as opposed to personnel salaries or other expenses) Read More...





If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get or "Shy Bairns Get Nowt"
as they say in the north-east of England says enterprising year 2 teacher, Simon McLoughlin.  Simon teaches year 2 at a school in Newcastle, in England and shortly before the summer holiday break he was teaching a cross-curricula project about the 1950s. "We learned about life back then and how different life is now. As the project progressed, it was clear that the children were very interested in the Queen’s coronation. This led to us organising a 1950s street party to celebrate the coronation back in 1953. However, I wanted to give them a wider experience. If we lived in London, I would have been able to take them to any of the Royal Palaces, but as we live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, this isn’t really an option. " said Simon. To explore what he could do for his class, Simon phoned Buckingham Palace. To find out what Simon did to give the students in his class an experience to remember...Read More


Handy Tip for the holidays - Easily Free up Space on your Mobile Device

Have you sometimes taken photos on your iPhone or iPad which you don't want to keep, so you delete them, only to find that they are still taking up room, as in megabytes storage space on your device? Here is a handy tip to get grid of the pesky space hoarders from your device altogether. Click here to find easy and full instructions. Oh, it's so good to have those gigabytes back again...


WriteOn 2015

WriteOn is an annual writing competition open to all primary students in Years 1 to 6. Using a photograph as a stimulus, students are asked to compose an imaginative piece of writing.


The competition provides primary students with the opportunity to become published authors. Outstanding entries from last year's WriteOn competition have been published in the Best of WriteOn anthology. This year the competition is being held in association with the State Library of NSW. The presentation of certificates will be held at the State Library of NSW on 16 September 2015.

Entry details are on the BOSTES NSW website


High School teaching kids how to tackle cyber-crime through education

Kyle Academy, a  school in Scotland decided the best way to tackle the cyber security problem is through education.


New Classrooms Needed

NSW needs 385 new classrooms every year for the next decade.


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