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First Aid for Kids
6 to 12 years workshops Our First Aid for Kids courses are one hour HANDS-ON workshops on the most important and most common First Aid skills every child should learn

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Handy Tip for the holidays - Easily Free up Space on your Mobile Device

Have you sometimes taken photos on your iPhone or iPad which you don't want to keep, so you delete them, only to find that they are still taking up room, as in megabytes storage space on your device? Here is a handy tip to get grid of the pesky space hoarders from your device altogether. Click here to find easy and full instructions. Oh, it's so good to have those gigabytes back again...


WriteOn 2015

WriteOn is an annual writing competition open to all primary students in Years 1 to 6. Using a photograph as a stimulus, students are asked to compose an imaginative piece of writing.


The competition provides primary students with the opportunity to become published authors. Outstanding entries from last year's WriteOn competition have been published in the Best of WriteOn anthology. This year the competition is being held in association with the State Library of NSW. The presentation of certificates will be held at the State Library of NSW on 16 September 2015.

Entry details are on the BOSTES NSW website.


The Book That Grows Into a Tree

An Argentinian children's book publisher, Pequeno Editor has published a book called, "The Book Tree" for 7-12 year olds. What is so unusual about this book is that it can grow into a tree. It is designed to teach children ecological responsibility, what nature can do and how to reduce our carbon footprint.  Watch the video for more information.




High School teaching kids how to tackle cyber-crime through education

Kyle Academy, a  school in Scotland decided the best way to tackle the cyber security problem is through education.


New Autism Spectrum

Schools are struggling with a three-fold rise in the number of students with autism spectrum disorders.


New Classrooms Needed

NSW needs 385 new classrooms every year for the next decade.


Australian Family Early Education Awards

Recognising Australia's Early Childhood Educators


Help for Bullied Children

Couple Transform their 10 bedroomed home into a school for bullied children


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